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It’s Midwestern Steak House Fare at its finest. Comfortable, casual dining with emphasis on quality and service. The menu features succulent, savory Midwestern beef, served sizzling on the table. Fresh pond-rasied catfish, award-winning ribs and that special touch on cocktails, appetizers, sandwiches and desserts ensure a memorable dining experience.
Sky Ribbon Cutting 40thOur bartenders take pride in crafting Classic Cocktails including specialty Martinis, Manhattans, Old Fashions, hand-made Grasshoppers and Golden Cadillacs. There is a nice wine list and “the Margaritas can’t be beat.” This is an established family-run business in a convenient central location, albeit somewhat off the beaten path. It is well known to locals and savvy travelers. Your visit to Peoria is not complete without a stop at one of our Great Independent Midwestern Steak Houses. For many, Sky Harbor is not only their first choice for steak . . . it’s their only choice.

skyharbor_dineSky Harbor is a single-story free-standing restaurant with easy access for young and old alike. There are no steps and the restrooms are spacious and handicapped accessible. The lighting is subdued and “nightclubby.” There are spacious booths as well as free-standing tables available for singles, couples and groups. The banquet room is available for parties of 50 or less. Larger groups can be accommodated most nights depending on the reservations.

skyharbor_piano_barThe name Sky Harbor stems from the fact that the restaurant had a prior location adjacent to Greater Peoria Regional Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration determined that Sky Harbor was too close to the runway and when airport landing technology was updated, the Sky Harbor was forced to move. In 1996 the old place was shut down and operations moved to it’s current location. Much of the aviation memorabilia remains and is of interest to aviators and landlubbers alike.


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Special requests available for banquets and parties.
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Live music is a long part of our tradition.  Legendary Jazz man, the late Jimmy Binkley jamming with David Keyes.