Live Music has long been a part of The Sky Harbor experience.

In 1988, owner Daryl Klusendorf and a couple of long lost brothers formed
a band to perform at Sky Harbor, and The Flying D’rito Brothers were born.
The Acoustic trio’s popularity grew and finally in 1998, The Brothers released
a CD of original material. “Skyvue Drive-In” is the title: Send us $12 bucks and
your address and we’ll mail you a copy.


Old School Piano Bar / Acoustic Americana

Friday and Saturday


One Particular Harbor Band 1

$4 Margaritas every Thursday
Reservations suggested -call 674-5532

K l u s e n d o r f A l b u m R e l e a s e


Announcing the release of my first solo album…
a single really…titled

Just Eat The Money

Available now at CD Baby

There is a sound clip that is free or an MP3 download of the song for purchase.

There’s also a place to rate and review so feel free to comment.

Physical CD is currently available only at Sky Harbor at this time.




Zimbabwe missionary pays
One Hundred Trillion Dollars
(Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe)

for Klusendorf CD: Just Eat The Money

Over 6 Copies Sold!


Recently seen enjoying and participating
in the Sky Harbor Experience

Jesse Jim T dk

Preston Jackson, Gary Adkisson,
Judy Page & Steve Degenford

Jesse Lee, Jimmy Taylor and Dklu

Dk Lee statue

Dklu & Lee Wenger

Mustangs Paul Jean Guy Mark O Dklu

Peoria Mustangs Leadership 2012
Owner Paul Wayvon, Head Coach Jean Guy Trudel, and Godfather of Peoria Hockey Mark Olson with host Daryl

Paul Booe (Shags) Eddie Booe (eddie booe band) and Dan Higgins (Suburban 9 to 5)

Pickin On Dan F Sheldon and Wally

Sheldon Felich & “Wally” Nelson
warming up for Dan Fogelberg Memorial Weekend

Nashville recording artist Jake McVey & Dklu.


DKlu, Jimmy Binkley and Royce Elliott


Oscar winning make-up artist Tami Lane (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Etc.) with Chris Tarpley and Katy Fray

Ted Lemen


Marty Sammon & Adam Swanson

Aaron Schock gets a copy of “Just Eat the Money” from Daryl as Mayor Dillon and Jimmy Binkley look on


July ’10 Clyde and Mark
Picked On…Neil Young
#7 in the series

“Rod” Stewart


Dave Scott Sr., Daryl and Mackinaw Valley Vineyards owners Paul and Diane Hahn

Daryl and Jesse Lee Jones


Pete Vonachen and Daryl

Spanky McFarlane and Friends


Christy Lane & Bobby Mack

Jim Thome and Mrs. Klusendorf


Tom Abbot, Darren Peacock, D Klu

Dk & “Aunt” Millie Kittleson
Millie is member of “The Midwest Rock/Country Hall of Fame”

dk ian whitcomb 2012
Jimmy and David Keyes 1

Dk & Ian Whitcomb

Jimmy and David Keyes

Jesse Jim T dk

Preston Jackson, Gary Adkisson, Judy Page & Steve Degenford

Jesse Lee, Jimmy Taylor and Dklu

Dk Lee statue

Dklu & Lee Wenger



Thank you “Ted Lemen and Old Time Piano Troupe” for Memorable Pickin On in May 2011.


Pickin On Ted 2011 1